Wood louvers are ideal for rooms and closets where additional ventilation is required.  Algoma Wood Products wood louvers are aesthetically versatile – they are available in several profiles with varying degrees of privacy, have no limitations on size increments, and are interchangeable with multiple bead/frame options to enhance overall design.   Parts are CNC machined to ensure a precision fit and are assembled by hand to achieve the highest quality.  Our robust designs and standard reinforcement are ideal for commercial door applications.


Finish: Prefinished or unfinished

Prefinishing Options: Stained, painted, primed and top coat

Wood Species: Natural maple, white maple, cherry, mahogany, red oak, white oak, walnut, poplar for paint, or other species available upon request

Profiles: Oval flat slat & square flat slat for maximum airflow/less privacy; chevron (V-slat) for maximum privacy/less airflow

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Oval Louver

LVR 100 & LVR 101

  • Maximum airflow
  • Less Privacy
  • Standard slat widths from ¾”-4”

Flat Slat Louver

LVR 102

  • Maximum airflow
  • Less Privacy
  • Standard slat widths from ¾”-4”

Chevron Louver

LVR 103, LVR 104 & LVR 105


  • Maximum Privacy
  • Less airflow